Official announcement to Uruk 2

Cover Uruk 2
Hello dear fans of Uruk,

First of all thank you so much for your interest and the great feedback to Uruk 2, we have obtained on the 2012 game fair in Essen from you. Based on your feedback, we were able to work on some final details and now we can say – Uruk 2 is really perfect.

But – it´s really a crying shame – Uruk 2 will not be published!

From our view, we wanted to present our costumers an opulent equipped game in a small box in which we have invested another two years in editorial work. Uruk 2 should be published in collaboration with some foreign partners after the Nürnberg toy fair worldwide, because we know, that Uruk has a lot of fans outside of germany. Unfortunately, this did not accord with the authors. You will surely understand that I can´t say anything about the internals. We have tried everything to reach an agreement with the authors, but unfortunately we did not succeed. Because of that we have to officially announce that Uruk 2 will not be published.

Believe us, it was really hard for us to make this decision and of course we are just as disappointed as you that we are not be able to hold the game in our hands. We also would like to apologize to you that we have created an anticipation and now not be able to deliver. I hope you still will be interested in our future games. We have started to work on a brand new game that will hopefully be published in 2014. As soon as there is information about, we will provide them on our website

Würzburg, Summer 2013
For the editorial staff: Carsten Grebe


2 Antworten to “Official announcement to Uruk 2”

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